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Richmond Decorating Center is best known for its high quality carpet selection. There is simply no better place to buy carpet in Richmond, VA! As a leader in Richmond for over 35 years, the experts at Richmond Decorating Center will help you select the right carpet for your specific needs. We believe that the right carpet adds beauty and style to any room, and our best price guarantee ensures you the lowest prices for carpet in Richmond, VA! Click here to browse our incredible selection of carpet! With thousands of colors to consider, selecting the right carpet for your home or office can seem overwhelming. Carpet can be a neutral foundation or a focal point with bold colors and dramatic patterns and textures.


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When you are selecting carpet, there are a few initial considerations that should be made:

  • How the room will be used?
  • What type of mood are you trying to set?
  • Are you looking for a formal style or casual?
  • Does the room have high foot traffic?

RDC Carpet SamplesAfter these initial considerations, you need to examine the construction and texture because that affects the appearance of the carpet. The construction of the carpet is vital for durability and longevity of the carpet. Many people are not aware that construction has as much, or even more influence on performance than the fibers or other materials that the carpet is made of.In the world of carpet, texture refers to the surface appearance of the carpet. Texture is created by the size of the yarns, the twist of the yarns, and the surface structure of the finished carpet. Some of these textures naturally create patterns. Another important consideration that is often overlooked is the quality of the padding beneath the carpet. The padding is responsible for the soft, resilient feel when you walk on it. Excellent padding protects your carpet, gives it more longevity and provides a much better feel for your feet. Padding is also the shock absorber that protects carpet from the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic. If you have any questions about carpet, come visit the Richmond Decorating Center showroom and talk to our expert staff and browse thousands of high quality carpet selections. Since 1977 we have set the standard for carpet in Richmond, VA. Come visit one of our beautiful showrooms, don’t delay!


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Carpet Brands

Shaw Floors

shawsmallShaw got its start in 1946 as Star Dye Company, a small business that dyed tufted scatter rugs. The events that transformed the company into the world’s largest carpet manufacturer are too numerous to write…or even fully know. But the philosophy guiding those events meeting customers, determine their needs, and supplying those needs hasn’t changed much through the years. Visit website»

Mohawk Flooring

mohawksmallFrom the original Shuttleworth Brothers in 1878, through the efforts of hard working, dedicated and skilled employees, Mohawk has built a reputation for value, design, service, quality and innovation-a reputation that will extend the company’s legacy into homes, offices and public spaces for many years to come.Visit website»



beaulieusmallInnovative features, product specialization, dedicated associates, community involvement and recognized leadership in carpeting are just a few of our success stories. Beaulieu® of America is an American company that takes tremendous pride in its people and products that serve the needs of homeowners, property managers, store and office owners, and homebuilders in unique, even personal ways.Visit website»



tuftexsmallTuftex is located in Los Angeles County, California. Tuftex is a division of Shaw Industries, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. As a division of the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Tuftex is proud to bring color, texture, warmth and fashion to peoples’ lives and homes. We attribute our success to our customers and have dedicated ourselves to providing excellence – excellence in quality, design, service, and value. Visit website»


Anso Nylon

ansosmallAnso® nylon is Shaw’s premium fiber brand. For 40 years, consumers like you have trusted the brand for stylish selections and long lasting performance. Engineered to withstand spilled wine and dirty sneakers, Shaw’s Anso nylon is durable as well as gorgeous. In fact, whether you choose Shaw carpet made with Anso nylon, Anso Caress® nylon or Anso CrushResister® nylon you can be assured of a fabulous carpet you’ll enjoy for years to come. Visit website»


Stainmaster Carpet

Stainmaster CarpetIn 1986, STAINMASTER® carpet was born. And floors have never been the same again. From the softest to the most durable, from mess proof to fade resistant, we have what it takes to meet your needs for carpet. Learn more about how we became the most trusted brand in carpet and the many products we offer.Visit website»



weardatedsmallWhether frieze, cut-loop pile, shag or Saxony, carpets made with Wear-Dated fiber have a more natural look due to the patented characteristics of the fiber itself, lending it a lustrous, classic texture and the appearance of fine natural wool, but with the high-performance characteristics of nylon.Visit website»



SmartstrandMohawk leads innovation in sustainable flooring with SmartStrand® carpet with DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced polymer. In a partnership with DuPont, this carpet exclusively offers fiber made with Bio-PDO™ (the key Sorona® ingredient), which is produced from corn sugar.Visit website»


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